This website is designed for staff working at CUH and shares the latest information on our response to Covid-19 and our plans for recovery.

Latest updates

Latest news and key messages

  • The Covid-19 vaccination programme at the Deakin Centre will close on 28 April – make sure you have your second dose booked – further details are available here.

  • Asymptomatic testing is available to all staff – important changes are happening from Monday 26 April. Click here for more information.

  • A series of educational videos are available for staff working with patients with Covid-19 here.

  • If you have Covid-19 symptoms please isolate and request a test here.

  • The inpatient bed plan for the expected surge is available here.

  • All areas must complete the new local risk assessment. Clinical areas cannot be assessed as Covid secure, but can be assessed as ‘Covid managed’. Read more.

  • Resuscitation guidance has been updated in line with the RCUK guidance for patients in High and Medium risk categories. AGP PPE should continue to to be used during resuscitation for patients allocated to these two categories.

  • PPE guidance for low risk patients is changing from 01 September. Further information is available here.

  • The latest information on the experience of Covid-19 at CUH, aimed at updating and educating clinical teams, is available here.

  • All staff should complete the individual risk assessment with their line manager.

CUH bulletin and latest updates

We publish at least one CUH bulletin each day helping you to stay up to date with how we are managing the Covid-19 outbreak and our plans for recovery.


The following videos have been published by the Trust as part of a commitment to continue updating patients and staff with latest information and guidance.

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