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The first in our series of Artist Spotlights showcasing our Artists in Residence at Cambridge Biomedical Campus features artist David Blandy updating us on his gaming project Lost Eons.

CUH Arts: What inspired your project?

David: ‘My project, Lost Eons, has been inspired by the stories of fantasy such as Le Guin’s Wizard of Earthsea and the science fiction of Philip K. Dick, and by the abundance of human experience and knowledge on the CBC site. We are going to create a future fantasy setting for the Cambridge Biomedical Campus, imagining the present site as deep archaeology, being unearthed by the inhabitants of a far future world. Considering the climate crisis and how humanity can work together to form new models of society, Lost Eons will give a space to escape to a changed world, as we draw, write and design a map and game together.’

CBC AiR Lost Eons sketch by Jessica Fitzgibbon

Lost Eons project sketch by participant Jessica Fitzgibbon


CUH Arts:  What are you most excited about?

David: ‘I’m very excited to meet people from across the campus, to hear about their experiences and to bring together lots of different types of creativity into this one project. I’m constantly surprised by ideas and images created during these collaborative projects, and I can’t wait to see what kind of world we build together.’


CUH Arts: What’s new?

David: ‘The project has been going really well so far, with ideas around the fens gaining consciousness and a group of plant-hybrid human librarians holding a vast archive of the world’s events. We’re meeting up every week, but there’s always room for more at the virtual table.’

CUH Arts: What’s your take-home message to CUH staff?

David: ‘I know these are difficult days, and I’m in awe of everyone who is doing so much to help us through. I hope that this project can provide a respite and escape, a time to decompress together, in these unprecedentedly hard times.’

CBC AiR Lost Eons illustration by Cat Rogers

Lost Eons project illustration by Cat Rogers

Read more about this and David’s other works at: davidblandy.co.uk/lost-eons

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