Today’s 08:27 was led by Lorraine Szeremeta, chief nurse.

Emergency department – David Monk & Vaz Ahmed

  • Virtual waiting room for minor injuries in partnership with 111 has led to 60% drop in cases going to the ED
  • Patients receive a video consultation to assess the injury and are offered advice, referred to a physiotherapist, given an appointment in an urgent treatment centre or a minor injury unit
  • Positive patient feedback and David has spoken with other health systems who are keen to introduce this system
  • We have also been trialling a virtual emergency department waiting room and this has been shortlisted for a health service journal (HSJ) award in the driving efficiency through technology category. The winners are announced in November
  • The trial has not received any complaints; there have been no incidents; we follow up with patients to see if the outcome has been appropriate. We are on a learning curve but it is working well
  • The ED has had so much support and it is a coordinated effort from the entire hospital to help unblock the flow
  • We are reinvigorating the ‘acute hub’ model of medical care on the EAU4 assessment unit, EAU5 and C4.

Covid and flu vaccination programme – Giles Wright


  • We will collate information on vaccinations for 12-15 year olds and publish this in a bulletin
  • Annual flu vaccination is always well subscribed, but this year is more crucial than ever
  • Mass vaccination for flu starts tomorrow, Wednesday 22 September at 09:00
  • Flu vaccinations will be available from 07:00 to 17:30 Monday to Saturday as a drop in
  • Thank you to the pharmacy team for procuring the flu vaccines
  • Flu vaccines for staff with health vulnerabilities or those aged over 65 will be available from this Saturday, 25 September – we will advise if it arrives sooner
  • Flu vaccines are available for all staff to come forward as soon as possible


  • Third, ‘booster’ doses have been approved and will start from Monday 04 October in the Deakin Centre
  • If you had your second dose before or on 31 March 2021, please complete the form on MyChart at your earliest convenience
  • Further details are available on the portal:

Diversity inclusion panellist campaign – David Wherrett

  • CUH is committed to inclusion and race equality
  • We have set out a series of workforce commitments and one is around inclusion
  • We recognise we’re a stronger, better and richer organisation when we value difference across all protected characteristics
  • We want to demonstrate this through the selection/appointment process, bringing someone on to the selection panels who has a lived experience of diversity
  • We have therefore formalised the role of diversity inclusion panellist
  • This diversity inclusion panellist campaign is a Trust-driven campaign in collaboration with the BAME network, to recruit without bias
  • If you are interested, have a lived experience and a passion for this, please sign up promptly
  • It’s a really powerful way of raising our game with candidates who are really important to the organisation
  • Further information is on Connect and in today’s bulletin. You don’t need interview experience – all training will be provided.