Throughout October we invited CUH and ACT staff and volunteers to come together in a challenge to create whatever you like on the theme of pumpkins.

We have been overwhelmed by the range and quality of creativity people have contributed to this project. Thank you to all teams, individuals, and families who took part. We hope you enjoy browsing the fantastic gallery below.



We’ll finish with a poem written by Joanna Rowley.




It’s October and that time of year,

When ghosts, ghouls and pumpkins appear,

The pumpkin is carved, and in the windows alight,

To ward off evil spirits although the night.


Take a moment to consider this ritual affair,

The pumpkin that’s been growing in the autumn air,

This orange botanical berry of fruits,

Its vines and its leaves laying down its own root.


The pumpkin first came from an American home

A ‘Pepo’ was the name by which it was known

The pumpkin was served at the feast of Thanksgiving,

Today it’s a sweet pudding, nutmeg, allspice

Topped with cream – a delight for the living!


And did you know that the pulp and the pips,

Have medicinal remedies if touched on the lips,

Mix pumpkin with salt and two teaspoons of honey

Rub on your freckles, now that would be funny!


So next time you celebrate your Halloween

Give a thought to where your golden produce has been

Not only is ‘Jack o lantern’ to carve and to fright,

Remember its golden glory its gourd, and its sight.


by Joanna Rowley, Macmillan Lead CNS Cambridge Breast Unit


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Best autumnal wishes from all of us at CUH Arts!

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