Today’s 08:27 was led by Roland Sinker, chief executive

Vaccination update – Giles Wright


  • Flu vaccines have been available in the Deakin Centre for about a month with just over 6,000 staff vaccinated, approximately 35% of CUH staff
  • Focus now on increasing this to all staff by the end of November as we are anticipating a serious flu season
  • Please don’t delay in having your flu jab.


  • We have been offering 3rd doses Covid for a couple of weeks. Uptake is going well with 2,500 CUH staff vaccinated in that time
  • A further 4,500 CUH staff have expressed interest/booked through MyChart
  • Please express your interest via the staff portal. Fill out the form and you will be sent an invitation to book an appointment
  • It is possible to have your flu vaccination at same time, but don’t delay
  • Please let OH know if you have taken up the vaccine elsewhere
  • Please let Giles know if there are limitations to getting the vaccines; the team will accommodate if they can.

Black History Month – Tracy Cripps

  • Black History Month recognises Black history, Black culture and Black contributions throughout the Trust and the country
  • The BAME network has pulled together a programme of events at the Trust w/c 25 November 2021
  • Range of speakers, all of whom have made valuable contributions to Black history:
    • Hashi Mohamed, author and barrister
    • Rohan Sivanandan, CUH’s new non-executive director
    • Rob Neil OBE, ethnic diversity and inclusion
    • Richard Hunt, prostate cancer journey
    • Wrapping the week up with meet the chairs – Erica, Emil and Tracy
  • All sessions will be recorded if you aren’t able to attend at the time
  • Details of all events can be found on Connect and the staff portal
  • Inclusion across the board requires open and transparent conversations with all staff, particularly the Directors, to forge allies and ownership.

Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) – Pedro Delgado and Susan Hannah, introduced by Sue Broster

  • The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) uses improvement science to advance and sustain better outcomes in health and health care across the world
  • IHI partners with organisations to close existing gaps to ensure organisations provide safe, effective and equitable care
  • We are one year into a three-year partnership. Work currently includes:
    • A programme for leaders
    • A programme for coaches
    • A programme for teams – 19 or 20 teams are actively building their improvement skills
  • Some of this work at CUH includes:
    • OTs – patient flow
    • ED – deteriorating patient
    • Virtual clinics for oncology

Ruth Clay and Shazia Hoodbhoy

  • Susan Hannah is leading workshops with our neonatal consultants who had improvement ideas but didn’t have the capacity
  • IHI has given them the opportunity to work together as a team, who all want to make a difference, by giving them the space to do this
  • Six staff in this initial project, called the pre-term bundle, covers five strands including antenatal, the first hour around delivery and helping reduce per-term babies’ morbidity
  • Their aim is to improve the care for pre-term babies, including nutrition:
    • Breast milk for babies as early as possible
    • Support from infant feeding teams and midwives
    • Starting probiotics
  • The IHI has raised the profile of quality improvement across the Trust, seeing this as part of our day-to-day care
  • The whole Trust is involved; all talking the same language. The link across the Trust and across divisions has been hugely valuable
  • The neonatal team is learning from being in the IHI and is using the tools to embed quality improvement in their service all the way through for successive years and projects
  • IHI gives the team the tools to do this and for this to become normal culture
  • They are hoping to have implemented most of their project by April 2022.

Roland Sinker

  • We have heard a lot today about listening and I would like to remind all staff that the staff survey is open
  • In addition, please keep the invitations coming for leaders to come and hear what’s going on in your part of the CUH family.