Today’s 08:27 was led by Roland Sinker, chief executive

Operational update – Ewen Cameron

  • Covid position broadly stable with a flat number of cases over the last month – broadly 30 patients, with on average 20 in general beds and 10 in critical care
  • Slight uptake in the last few days
  • Please continue to be cautious and continue to take all the usual precautions
  • Very difficult weekend in the emergency department as a result of higher demand and fewer discharges
  • We recognise this is likely to continue over the winter months. Therefore:
    • Pre-hopsital – we continue to work with all our partners to look at ways of reducing the numbers of people coming to hospital, particularly those that really require different services
    • In hospital – please continue to focus on patient flow and timing of discharges. Early discharges in each ward has a huge impact across the hospital. Thank you to C6 and SAU who used the discharge lounge last week
    • Post-hospital – we continue to work hard with our system partners. Pre-Covid we had 10% delay transfers of care; currently running about 4%
  • This winter is likely to be very difficult, not just at CUH but across the country
  • There is an end to this particularly acute problem, with additional capacity in 2022
  • A big thank you to all the staff who are in this week, working under very difficult circumstances
  • We know that vaccines make a massive difference, so if you’ve not had your booster, please do get it
  • Two things we can all do to help
    • get flu vaccine and Covid booster
    • maintain vigilance around the hospital.

Epic upgrade – James Hennessey

  • Upgrade will happen on the night of 06/07 November between 01:00 and 05:00 on the Sunday morning
  • Read only version Epic available throughout, so staff will still have access to patient notes, but teams will need to document information and input into Epic as soon as new version available around 05:00
  • Once the upgrade is complete, the new version available across the site
  • Key actions required this week:
    • A new BCA printing icon is being pushed out to printers. From Wednesday 27 October please can teams check you have the icon on your BCA computers
    • Please also check when you double click the icon that it works. If not, please call the IT helpdesk on ext. 257257
    • Ensure you have enough paper and ink in BCA printers in case we need to switch to full BCA during downtime. This is unlikely, but it’s important as a backup
    • The full operational plan will be released in tomorrow’s bulletin – please familiarise yourself with the actions so you know what to do over 06/07 November.
  • Roland – a huge thank you to James and his team for the staggering amount of work done to make this upgrade as smooth and seamless as possible.

Covid secure update – Carin Charlton

  • Following the Covid secure update in the bulletin on 30 September, staff have been asking for further clarity
  • We recognise that staff need to socialise; we are asking staff to do this in the safest possible way for themselves and their patients
  • Our concerns are about the impact on patients and colleagues if significant numbers of staff are off
  • The person planning an event should please take all reasonable measures to reduce the risk of Covid
  • Please use your judgement against the following three principles:
    1. Minimise the risk of entire key groups of staff having to self-isolate, which then impacts on the team’s ability to deliver services
    2. Consider and plan the events in a way that minimises the risk of catching or transmitting Covid:
      • try to hold the event outdoors or in well ventilated areas
      • make sure the venue is appropriately sized
      • follow Covid secure measures such as hand washing and mask wearing
      • consider holding an event of a shorter duration to minimise risk
      • ask all attendees to take a lateral flow test on the day of the event
    3. Consider what it would mean for our patients and other staff members if groups of staff within a specialty/service could not come to work
  • Please really carefully consider and take active steps to make sure the event is as safe as possible to prevent groups of staff having to be off.

Purple Network and disability champions – Charles Greensitt

  • I joined the purple network to stand up for others and am the disability champion for people with hearing damage and also diabetes
  • My role ensures that individuals get what they need in order to do their jobs
  • We ensure that those with disabilities – both visible and not visible – have a network of people who can help and support each other
  • It’s important we consider and ensure that everyone in the organisation can understand and hear, for example at these 08:27 meetings – not wearing face masks so staff can lip read, not speaking with your hand across your face
  • People are an expert in their own disability, but in terms of their job they need to be honest what their disability is to maximise their own potential but also know where their limits are not to make themselves more ill, for example having diabetes and sitting in chair all day can push sugar levels up, so staff with diabetes need to get up and move around during the day; this is how to stay well
  • Please see Connect for further details on the purple network and our disability champions
  • Make sure staff in your team or department are signposted to the mental health first aiders (MHFAs)
  • MHFAs are not trained counsellors, but are available to listen and direct staff to the correct help.


  • Please do complete the staff survey
  • Please do take up flu vaccine and Covid 3rd booster