Today’s 08:27 was led by Roland Sinker, chief executive


I would like to start by saying a huge thank you and well done to all colleagues at CUH and our partners, both on the campus and in the community, for the terrific support and commitment in February last year during the first Covid wave; and then again in January this year during the second wave. And now also in this third wave. Your work is immensely appreciated and makes a huge difference to all our patients. Thank you.

Operational update – Ewen Cameron

  • Thank you to all staff, but particularly those who have had to work more flexibly lately
  • Today we have 60 Covid patients with 10 in critical care, which is slightly down from the peak last week. We will be opening 38 beds on C8 which will make a huge difference
  • Thank you to everyone who helped with discharges last week
  • Availability of beds is the single most important currency over the next few months – both for patients in our emergency department (ED) and for those waiting for operations
  • We are asking everyone to please be as flexible as possible in thinking about the whole hospital’s response to this wave of Covid
  • The single most important thing to focus on is first thing in the morning discharges and we will be focussing on this every day between now and next summer.

Vaccination update – Giles Wright

  • We have seen an improvement in vaccination uptake – thank you – with a 9% increase in our healthcare staff taking up 3rd dose
  • 56% of our patient-facing staff have had their 3rd Covid dose and 52% of staff have had a flu jab
  • On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week we are piloting a walk-in option for vaccines, both flu and Covid – from 07:00 to 09:00 and 15:00 to 16:00 – please drop in!
  • If staff use this facility we will look to extend this pilot further.

Importance of vaccination – Dr Sani Aliyu

  • There is strong evidence our protection from the vaccine wanes, so having a Covid booster will protect you beyond just having two doses
  • Results of a recent trial of 5,000 people who had a third dose and 5,000 people who only had two doses:
    • five of those who had the third dose caught Covid vs
    • 109 of those who only had two doses
  • There is a huge risk at CUH if large cohorts of staff are not immune
  • Please do get your third dose; particularly important in Cambridge and Peterborough as rates are currently very high
  • Protect yourself, protect your family, keep our patients safe.

CUH green plan – Richard Hales

  • We have made immense progress in last 10 years
  • However, we can’t wait, we need to start taking action now on what we consume and how we consume it
  • We consume the electricity of three small towns and we produce 11 tonnes of waste per day; all of which produce carbon emissions
  • NHS target to halve emissions in next 10 years is seriously challenging and requires determination
  • Our new green plan will bring concrete actions; choosing lower carbon alternatives is so important
  • Staff should look at reduce packaging, using reusable cups, bringing their own cutlery to use – just a few examples
  • We are asking staff to include ‘how do we cut our carbon emissions?’ on team agendas; start thinking about it and work in teams as the most productive way to make inroads
  • More information on Think Green is available on Connect.

Epic upgrade – James Hennessey

  • Very pleased and relieved to say the upgrade was successful overnight in early hours of Sunday morning; the transition went smoothly
  • We are seeing higher rates of calls through to IT, as expected, as people adjust to the new system, but there are no systematic issues
  • Most issues are solvable over the phone, but also eHospital team on site 07:00-19:00 every day
  • If you are experiencing any issues:
    • please look at the familiarisation packs on Connect
    • the playground is still live so you can practice on there
    • training is still available on DOT
    • If you still can’t resolve your issue, log an incident on the IT service portal or for any urgent queries call the IT helpdesk on 257257
  • A big thank you to the eHospital team and the operational teams involved with the huge amount of work behind the scenes that made this smooth transition possible.

Three final requests – Roland Sinker

As we go into this next third phase of Covid, I have three final requests:

  1. Please be flexible and thoughtful about our whole hospital, health and care system and campus, including the patients that are not seen in the community
  2. In terms of patient care, please place an overwhelming focus on early morning discharges
  3. Please continue to look after yourselves and your own personal wellbeing:
    • reach out for support if you need it
    • looking after ourselves includes pushing on with Covid and flu vaccinations
    • strongly adhere to our guidelines around social distancing and PPE and politely challenging colleagues if necessary.

Thank you!