Incident status update

We are currently caring for 55 patients with Covid-19; 6 of those are in critical care. There are 11 inpatients waiting for Covid-19 test results.

Ending self-isolation period early – important information for line managers

The standard isolation period for staff is 10 days, return to work on day 11. Staff may be able to end their self-isolation period before the end of the 10 full days if they have two negative Lateral Flow Device tests (LFDs) 24 hrs apart with the first on day 6 or later.

On receiving two negative tests 24 hrs apart, a staff member can return before day 11 under the following conditions – these must be discussed and confirmed by the line manager before the member of staff can return:

  • Symptoms have resolved or are only cough or altered taste/smell.
  • They should continue to undertake daily LFD tests on days 8, 9 and 10. If any of these LFD test results are positive the staff member should isolate and should wait 24 hours before taking the next LFD test. Two further tests, at least 24 hours apart, are required to return to work before day 11. Line managers are required to keep a record of daily test results for all of their staff.
  • On days the staff member is working, the LFD test should be taken prior to beginning their shift, as close as possible to the start time.
  • Staff should not return to work early if they work with patients who are clinically extremely vulnerable to Covid-19. This includes the following areas – C2, C5, C9, C10, D5, D9, E10, F5, G5, dialysis units, haematology day unit, oncology day unit or any other adult or paediatric area where oncology / haematology / transplant (theatres and critical care areas are not included in this category).
  • If you work outside these areas but consider that patients you see may be severely immunosuppressed this should be discussed with the clinical lead ahead of returning to work.
  • For staff working in these specified areas, daily LFD testing should continue and they should not return to work until a single negative LFD test result is received. They can return from then after a single negative test or on day 15, even if the day 14 test is positive.
  • You must continue to comply with all relevant infection control precautions and PPE must be worn properly throughout the day.
  • If any of the above cannot be met, the staff member should not come to work and should follow the stay at home guidance for the full 10-day period.

Staff working outside of the high risk areas can return on day 11 even if the day 10 LFD is positive.

Action required: Covid secure environment measures

Please continue to follow Covid secure environment guidance to minimise the risk of the spread of infection across our hospitals:

  1. Remain vigilant about mask wearing, social distancing and hand hygiene.
  2. Work from home wherever possible. It is our expectation that staff are working from home unless there is a requirement for them to be on site. Reducing footfall onsite is an important element of keeping our staff and patients safe.
  3. Regularly review your local Covid-19 secure environment risk assessments, document any updates and submit these to the Covid secure team.

Any updates and changes in guidance will be shared in the bulletin.

Using your Civica account – do you know what your patients think about the care and treatment you provide?

In this very challenging period it may seem like you don’t have time to use Civica and see how your patients are evaluating their care in their Friends and Family Test survey responses.

However, the feedback is often a good morale booster for teams, as well as highlighting issues which might need to be addressed. It is also really important to demonstrate to patients how you are acting on their feedback, on your ward and clinic boards.

Every ward and clinic should have at least one member of staff designated to regularly review patient feedback and share this widely to improve learning. We can arrange for reports to be pushed to your inbox. Read more about the Friends and Family Test and Civica on Connect.

Any questions? Contact

CUH among the best in England and Wales for emergency laparotomies

Addenbrooke’s is once again taking part in the national emergency laparotomy audit (NELA), currently in its eighth year of data collection. For year seven, which covered the period December 2019 to November 2020, CUH was the top performing trust for 30 day risk-adjusted mortality, with a mortality rate of 3.58% compared to a national average of 8.70%.

This is the best of 175 trusts in England and Wales that have performed more than 10 laparotomies (opening of the abdomen) in 2020. The audit report stated: “Four hospitals had a risk-adjusted mortality below the lower 95% control limit, indicating that these hospitals have some of the best outcomes in England and Wales”.

Congratulations to the many care providers involved with each patient; care delivered while we were working through the pandemic. What a fantastic achievement. #Excellent

Disability History Month

As we reflect on Disability History Month, we are more committed than ever at CUH to ensure a fair and inclusive workplace for all our staff with health conditions, disabilities or neurodifferences.

Guest speakers: On 10 December we hosted Hattie Llewelyn-Davies to share with us her talk on ‘Does being disabled make me a better NHS Chair?’  Hattie is chair of both Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust and Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust and founding member of the Disabled NHS Directors Network. You can watch the recording of this session here

The Chronically Working webinar will be rescheduled. If you’d like to receive details, please email

What we learned from shielding: Our very own Debbie Morgan, director of service improvement and transformation, shares some of her experiences of shielding in this podcast with NHS Employers. Hear from Debbie and other NHS staff about their experiences, the adjustments they received and how this has improved their wellbeing.

Purple Network

This CUH staff network is for anyone with visible or invisible disabilities, physical or mental health conditions or any type of neurodifference, and anyone interested in this area.

The network provides a safe space and peer support for people to share concerns and support each other, provides people with opportunities to get involved in different projects and acts as a powerful voice for equality and inclusion across the organisation.

To find out more, contact the committee on or visit Connect or the Staff Portal.

Cold weather alert

The Met Office has issued a level 2 severe cold weather warning from 18:00 today, Thursday 13 January, to 09:00 on Monday 17 January, due to an increased risk of sharp overnight frosts and areas of fog or freezing fog in our region.

Please take care when travelling to work at this time of year and consider leaving extra time for your journey in case of icy conditions, snow or freezing fog. Roads and footpaths on site will be gritted regularly and our adverse weather policy can be found here.

As this weather could also increase the health risks to our vulnerable patients, if any areas are not achieving a comfortable temperature, or if there are any other maintenance requirements, please contact the facilities helpdesk or call ext. 216696 to raise a job request.

You Made a Difference – Cathy Slynn

Congratulations to Cathy Slynn, ward manager of the Charles Wolfson ward, who is one of our December You Made a Difference (YMAD) winners! An extract from Cathy’s nomination said: “Cathy has raised the morale of staff to such a high level and made such a difference to the ward and I feel she really deserves this recognition”. Read more about how Cathy ‘made a difference’ on the CUH website.

Our YMAD awards reward and recognise both individual staff members and whole teams in the CUH family who have gone above and beyond, both in patient facing and non-patient facing roles. Anyone can make a nomination: staff, patients and visitors. We would love to see members of staff and teams nominated from across the organisation for making a difference in their unique area of work.

All nominations can be made using the form on the CUH website#CUHproud