Dear colleagues

We are all deeply impacted by the traumatic scenes we are witnessing in Ukraine as a result of the Russian invasion. The suffering of the Ukrainian people, many of whom are now fleeing their homes to become refugees, is a rapidly unfolding tragedy of huge proportion.

The human cost of the current violence stands in such stark contrast to the intensity of the effort we’ve made in this hospital over the last two years to preserve life in the face of a global pandemic. A number of the outstanding colleagues who have cared so successfully for our patients during this period are from Ukraine, Russia and other eastern European countries now caught up in the consequences of this conflict.

We wish to express our solidarity, our support and our deepest sympathy for anyone affected personally by what is happening. The fighting between two countries bears no relation to the united team of people who make up CUH. Please take time to look after yourselves and each other at this time and be aware that a situation like this affects us all in different ways.

Healthcare is of course on our minds and colleagues who are in touch with clinical teams in hospitals in Ukraine are offering advice and support where they can. Some of us are supporting the Disasters Emergency Committee, or other humanitarian aid charities.

While we rarely comment on global events, we feel that this situation demands a different response. On Wednesday evening, we will light the Addenbrooke’s chimney in the colours of the Ukrainian flag for one week as an expression of our support for its people and everyone caught up in this conflict. As we respond to this situation, we also recognise that there is violence, conflict and loss of life in other parts of the world that also affects our staff, but is not currently making headlines.

This is our opportunity to make it quite clear that here at Addenbrooke’s and the Rosie hospitals we stand together for peace, and with the deepest respect for the value of every human life, everywhere in the world.

With best wishes
Mike and Roland




Mike More       Roland Sinker
Chair                 Chief executive