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CUH Arts is the Trust’s hospital arts programme, dedicated to transforming the hospital experience, promoting wellbeing and inspiring hope through creativity.

Supported by Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust, we deliver a year-round programme of arts activities, events, exhibitions and engage our hospital community in a diverse and eclectic range of live, visual and participatory arts.

‘Creative Wellbeing’ is an easy way to find creative outlets and aids to help with relaxation or distraction as well as a variety of interactive possibilities.

From listening to bird song, reading about the CUH Art Collection, collaborative singing to doodling and origami. There is plenty of variety to suit all tastes.

We have an opportunity to share with you some of the rich resources available from our artists, writers, poets and musicians, where we hope you may find some comfort, joy and inspiration during these challenging times.

Some gentle ideas to help you switch off and relax.

Sit back and enjoy some inspiring artwork and photography by artists who have exhibited with us.

‘Hold Still’ photographic exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery

Spearheaded by The Duchess of Cambridge, Patron of the National Portrait Gallery, Hold Still is an ambitious community project to create a unique collective portrait of the UK during lockdown. We invited people of all ages to submit a photographic portrait, taken in a six-week period during May and June, focussed on three core themes – Helpers and Heroes, Your New Normal and Acts of Kindness.  Over 31,000 submissions were received from across the country, with entrants ranging from 4 to 75 years-old. From these, a panel of judges selected 100 portraits, assessing the images on the emotions and experiences they conveyed.

View the full gallery

Lose yourself in nature from the comfort of your chair, thanks to some beautiful footage from the UK and around the world.

Relax and watch short video clips of potters turning a lump of clay into a beautiful object. On the first day of the month, artists will be throwing pottery throughout the day. All featured work will go on to be sold, with all profits raised going to the NHS.


Absorb some poetry, written for our hospital community by CUH staff.

Growing up, Catherine Montgomery, Admin Assistant, Emergency Department

A Distant Place 2, Stuart Coy, Specialist BMS – Clinical Immunology

The tree outside my window, Katherine Fitton, Lead Paediatric Medical Secretary & Paediatric Oncology Secretary

A special audio series of hospital poetry, written by our CUH poets-in-residence back in 2018 and recorded in April 2020 as a gift for all CUH staff.

Each poem explores life at Addenbrooke’s and The Rosie, and the words feel all the more poignant in these challenging times.

Relax and enjoy these readings, and the kind messages that come with them.

The full Poetry in Moments collection is available here.


Enjoy relaxing to these beautiful melodies and bird song recorded on a spring morning in the countryside.

Dance for Health

Guided Relaxation with Filipa Pereira-Stubbs.

Sign up for free weekly sessions:

Dates: 2/9/16/23/30 July
Time: 11:00
Location: Zoom

The session will be approximately 45 minutes, which will give time for both movement, conversation and reflection.

A Special opportunity for our staff & volunteers

Led by CUH Art’s creative practitioner Filipa Pereira-Stubbs, ‘Relax & Unwind’ is a chance to take some time for your own self-care. These gentle music & movement group sessions are delivered virtually through Zoom, aiming to ease any built-up tension to get us feeling lighter in ourselves.

Inspired by our regular Dance for Health patient programme, comfort and enjoyment are at the heart! Absolutely no dance or music experience is required – Filipa will softly guide us along. All you need is an upright chair and access to a computer or tablet with internet.

To sign up for this 5-week block and receive Zoom instructions, email Olivia at by Tuesday 30 June.

Spaces are limited so do get in touch!


Short relaxation (PPE focus)

Long relaxation (Suitable for all)

A special thank you to Toby Peters at Marmalade Panic Films who dedicated his time, camera work and production to CUH.

Need something to take you away from your thoughts? Here you will find links to creative external websites as well as the rich resources available from the CUH Arts programme.
E-books and Audio books

If you’d like some positive and straight talking support during difficult and challenging times, these podcasts could prove to be helpful and comforting. Here are some of our favourites, available to download and listen to at your leisure.

Free online Films, Plays & Musicals

If you’re missing your theatre visits, here’s an ideal opportunity to watch some spectacular productions all for free from the comfort of your own home.

Royal Albert Hall are offering free streaming programme shown from artists homes. If you thought that the Albert Hall was all about Opera singing and high end culture, you might be surprised to see the range of genre being offered. For adults and children, from popular music to talks & discussions on science, music and comedy.

BBC series of The Repair Shop

An antidote to throwaway culture, The Repair Shop series shines a light on the wonderful treasures to be found in homes across the country.

Ted Talks

TED is a non-profit organisation, devoted to sharing ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks.. Covering topics ranging from science to the arts and from business to global issues — in more than 100 languages. Welcoming people from every discipline and culture who seek a deeper understanding of the world. Free knowledge is shared from some of the world’s most inspired thinkers

Exhibitions and tours of Galleries and Museums

An ideal opportunity to enjoy some of the world’s best cultural tours and exhibitions without the need to travel.

Escape to Nature

If Chris Packham is one of your family favourites for viewing nature, you may appreciate seeing his daily 9am Facebook Live streams. Chris enjoys talking about the wildlife he sees in his local area, capturing the occasional shots of his dogs’ antics as they enjoy  the countryside.

Cambridge University Botanic Garden is a 40 acre, Grade II* listed heritage garden in the centre of Cambridge, with plants from all over the world. They regularly post beautiful photographs and videos of the gardens together with some interesting quizzes about the plants.

Much-loved television presenter and gardening writer Monty Don takes viewers on a colourful journey in this BBC Two series where he visits 80 of the world’s most famous and inspiring gardens, from ancient to modern, large to small, and grand to humble.

Take this opportunity to ignite your creativity! From simple craft ideas, mindful colouring and invigorating live singing – we’ll be sharing inspiring ideas with you.
Beyond the mask

To mark #YearoftheNurseandMidwife we are excited to unveil Beyond the Mask; a poetry project that listens, that goes deeper, to acknowledge the skills, qualities, characters and stories that lie beneath the uniform.

We are inviting you to share your thoughts with us in writing. It might be a few words or a fully-formed poem – write in whatever way feels right to you. It’s your own unique/personal voice that we would like to hear.

Together, we will form a collaborative poem that will be gifted back to our nurses & midwives.

The wonderful Sean Borodale will be your guiding poet and is here to tell you more about the project.

All contributions welcome! We’ll be releasing more helpful resources from Sean over the next few weeks and can’t wait to read your creations.

Get in touch with your contributions and any questions you may have:

Deadline: Midnight, Sunday 20 June

Thank you to Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust for supporting Beyond the Mask.

Drawing and Colouring

Whether you’re looking for relaxing and creative doodling, or itching to experiment with something new, there’s something here for you.

Craft and Making

A variety of tutorials and guides, from origami to sewing, as well as links to charities you might like to share your creations with.

Sing it out

A top selection of the best virtual choirs out there.

NHS Chorus-19
Two CUH frontline doctors have teamed up with Anna Lapwood to launch a national NHS choir! Inclusive, friendly and fun – if you get joy from singing, this is for you!

Just under an hour of festival-vibe tracks, recorded live (band) & performed live (Andrea Cockerton – singer) – guaranteed to make you feel better while on lockdown, all raising money for musicians & sound tech folk out of work due to COVID-19.

Stay at Home Choir
The Stay At Home Choir is an online platform set up by Tori Longdon and Jamie Wright to keep some of the most amazing artists and ensembles in the world connected to the people who love their music.

Great British Home Chorus
TV’s Gareth Malone gets us all singing morale-boosting familiar tunes in our living rooms!

Online singing for big & little people.

A space between

Get Globally Connected through Colouring!

Our friends at A Space Between have responded to the current state of social isolation by launching #colourtoconnect – a global community, connecting people of all ages and walks of life, from across the world, through drawing and colouring in.

The premise is simple: someone does a drawing, someone else colours it in – a collaboration that keeps us all creatively connected.

We’ve selected some of our favourite sketches here, and they are also in our Staff Sanctuary for those who are working on site and able to enjoy.

Take a look at the “Covid-19 Connect” gallery of sketches and “Covid-19 Connect” Online Exhibition on the website to see some of the wonderful results from all over the world!