Earlier this month, the H&S team carried out spot-checks of non-clinical workplaces to identify whether any additional measures were required in order to further reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission. Over 80 workplaces were visited. Results were good in many areas such as the majority of workplaces had hand sanitisers and cleaning materials available and staff were complying with social distancing guidance. There were just five areas that were identified as requiring improvement. These are summarised below together with recommended actions:

  • Trust approved COVID-19 signage promoting social distancing and hygiene measures were not displayed in all workplaces. There were also some handmade/makeshift versions displayed.

Action: Please ensure that your workplace displays an adequate number of Trust approved Covid-19 signage. Posters are available by emailing: covid.secureenvironment@addenbrookes.nhs.uk

  • Where staff were working less than 2m apart there was a lack of screens or barriers to separate them from one another.

Action: It is acknowledged that in some situations, screens or barriers may not be practical or even possible, however, it is important that their use is considered as part of your controls to manage risk of transmission. Please contact the Facilities Helpdesk on 216696 for a quotation to be arranged. Orders will need to be placed through Procurement.

  • Where floor tape was being used to help staff comply with social distancing, in many areas it was in a poor condition (eg had become worn/detached) and no longer was serving its purpose.

Action: please check floor tape where used and ensure it is replaced if in a poor condition. Please contact the Facilities Helpdesk on 216696 to obtain replacement floor tape.

  • Maximum occupancy numbers were not displayed in busy areas such as rest rooms or kitchens.

Action: please ensure that busy areas (particularly kitchens and rest rooms) have maximum occupancy numbers displayed (preferably on entrances/doors). There is a Trust approved sign that is available for this purpose. To obtain a copy, please email covid.secureenvironment@addenbrookes.nhs.uk

  • Some larger workplaces did not have a one way system in place despite there being enough space and routes for one to be created.

Action: not all workplaces will be able to have a one way system, however, in larger workplaces it may be possible. Please ensure that one-way systems are implemented wherever possible.

All Covid-19 measures taken to manage the risk of transmission in your workplace must be documented in your local Covid-19 secure risk assessment. Version 1.6 is now available for use and is available here.

Finally, despite the drop in infection rates (inside and outside of the Trust) and the Government’s roadmap on the lifting of restrictions it is important that we do not become complacent. All workplaces must continue to implement and follow the Covid-19 secure guidance and staff must continue to adhere to social distancing.