Taking care of your mind and your body is really important during this time.

You may be feeling lonely or anxious about those close to you, and our physical health can also have a big impact on how we feel.

We’ve put together some simple tips to help you stay on top of your mental and physical wellbeing. Make sure you get further support if you feel you need it – there are lots of resources available to you on the health and wellbeing pages of the portal – from apps and coaching, to staff networks and counselling.


New infographics on workforce wellbeing

Ensuring our staff feel safe, healthy and happy at work is critical to delivering high-quality patient care.
Covid-19 has shone a spotlight on this, highlighting the need to place greater focus on implementing robust and comprehensive health and wellbeing strategies. NHS Employers have developed the below suite of infographics on different aspects of health and wellbeing that provide up-to-date statistics and key facts on: mental health, tackling bullying and harassment, and healthy work environments.

Wellbeing thoughts from our psychologists: