The guidance below explains the correct decontamination procedures for air mattresses, reducing the risk to our staff.

Please ensure the following

  • It is important, especially at this time that the mattresses are bagged as per the protocol and the bags are sealed so that the technicians who collect them are safe. The team walks all the wards, so it is important they are not at risk of cross contamination.
  • Please note the decontamination paper that arrives with the patient must be kept with the red bag, so that it returns with the mattress. Please ensure the red bag is placed with the document under the mattress when it is first received and inflated.
  • Should you ever be in a position that there is no red bag, please contact the Drive Devilbiss team on 586880 and ask them for red bag. Please do not put the mattress out without a bag. They have an answer machine when not available.
  • Where areas on site are restricted or wards are closed, please advise the Drive Devilbiss team on 586880 as soon as possible, so appropriate measures can be put in place where needed such as delivering to other locations.

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