As part of our preparations to care for an increasing number of patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19, we are reviewing clinical areas across the Trust and considering how they may be utilised. This could be to take patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19, or to accept patients from elsewhere in the hospital. Any changes will be discussed and agreed with the relevant divisions and silver command before any changes are implemented.

Emergency Department

  • ED minors unit for adults has moved to the UTC and patients are being triaged from the front door to this area
  • ED paediatrics moved to CDU on Friday 20 March
  • We are creating red and green zones within the ED, to hold patients with respiratory symptoms separately to general ED patients
  • Going forward we will have a senior doctor outside of ED triaging patients

Assessing and treating suspected and positive COVID-19 patients

  • Ward N2 has been repurposed as a Respiratory Admission Unit (RAU)
  • N2 Triage area has been created to receive direct referrals from ambulance service and GPs (through GP Liaison) for patients with respiratory symptoms only
  • We have 24/7 cover from ED nurses and Acute Medics
  • On arrival the patients will be triaged initially by an ED Nurse and then by an Acute Medic where the decision will be made as to whether the patient can be safely discharged home or require admission
  • Patients requiring admission will be allocated a side room on Ward N2 where they will be assessed by the N2 ward team and assigned as;
    • Red – likely CoVid-19
    • Amber – respiratory symptoms that could be CoViD-19
    • Green – unlikely to be CoViD-19
  • Red patients will be allocated to CoViD-19 positive wards, currently – MSEU,C6, C7, D7
  • Amber patients will be allocated to ward J2
  • Green patients will be allocated to MDU

We are establishing a rolling programme of segregation and containment in preparation for a rise in CoViD-19 positive patient numbers.

Going forwards, the order of ward openings will be as follows:
C8 – Amber – Respiratory
D8 – Red – Orthopaedics and Rheumatology
F4 – Red – DME
G4 – Red – Hepatology

Critical Care

J3 opened as a Critical Care Unit on 09 April 2020 to help manage patients with Covid-19 requiring ventilation with the first patients transferred there already.

A3 DOSA has also been emptied and closed to prepare to accept critical care patients.