Important health and safety responsibilities for managers

As a manager you are responsible for the health and safety of your staff. This responsibility extends to ensuring that your staff are adequately protected against COVID-19 while working.

It is important:

  • If you manage an area, you ensure anyone coming into your area is aware of the risks and precautions they need to take and adheres to them. For example, the type of PPE that will need to be worn will differ from ward to ward. You should also ask for evidence of fit testing (or check MAPS) prior to allowing visiting staff to work in the area.
  • You ensure that any of your staff who visit a range of wards, such as doctors or therapists, are aware of the safe precautions to take. For example, you should inform all staff to check with the ward/ clinic prior to their arrival what  PPE needs to be worn.
  • You regularly review the fit testing compliance data for all your staff on MAPS and update as necessary.

Managers must also ensure all members of staff:

  • Are fit tested for the PPE that is required prior to first use – again this should be reviewed and updated on MAPS
  • Carry out fit checks prior to each use
  • Are aware of the correct donning and doffing safe practices in place in their area of work
  • Are provided with information and instructions on the use, cleaning, storage, disposal and maintenance of masks (where applicable)
  • Are provided with suitable storage arrangements where necessary
  • Know how to report faults or defects in respiratory protective equipment (RPE)

As a manager it is important that you continually monitor your staff to ensure they are working in accordance with the instruction and guidance given.

All staff have a duty under health and safety legislation to co-operate with all managers on this and comply with any applicable rules and arrangements.

Fit testing and videos

We have secured access to 600 reusable half-mask respirators which can be used in place of disposable FFP3 masks.

We have taken the decision to restart our fit testing programme for bother reusable respirators and FFP3 masks, in addition to the continued and essential process of fit checking

Please see films here showing how to fit check FFP3 masks with and without a valve.

Our fit testing programme continues and although due to fit tester availability our times for testing can change and vary daily, this week we are running a seven day programme generally from 08:30-15:30. This is for disposable masks.

We continue to roll out this programme of fit testing, so please email to book yours.