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Home address

Please enter details for your place of residence.
Your appointment details will be emailed to the address you provide - please provide one you can access from home.

For CUH staff ONLY

If the person needing testing is a child, please provide the following to act as a proxy for them.
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Please self-isolate until you have your test result

Where to get tested

Symptomatic testing is available either at the S2 Pods at CUH (link to map), or the Pod outside the Dyson Building, Department of Engineering, Fen Causeway (link to map)


All results are automatically available via MyChart, so we strongly advise registering now. This is the fastest way to receive results. If you do not consent to receiving your results via MyChart, they will be communicated to the email address you provide above, however this method is likely to be substantially slower.

For more details, please see our MyChart website pages.
You will be assigned the next available appointment, details of which will be emailed to the address you provide within 24 hours, generally considerably quicker. Please look out for this email.