The CUH Appraisal and Development Review cycle was paused in March due to Covid-19.   In light of events since March it has been decided that the Trust will not use its traditional appraisal process and instead for us to take a different approach for 2020.

This year the appraisal conversation will take the form of a reflective conversation: with an emphasis of being supportive and constructive, focused on staff well-being, staff experience and development (what next). This will include learning and reflection from the COVID-19 period.

Appraisal conversations can commence when divisions and directorates consider they have capacity to arrange these.   The closing date will be scheduled for 30 November 2020 but this date may be extended if it is necessary to do so due to COVID-19.

The overarching purpose will show practical kindness in listening to what matters to staff and deepen collective understanding about how the organisation has been working in practice during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It aims:

  • To enable individuals to reflect on their experience of the past few months and discuss with their line manager what they need now and going forward.
  • To enable line managers to check in with staff and to gain insights into how their team / department / service / division is working in practice and what might be needed going forward.

The appraisal form for 2020 provides some broad structure to enable the employee and their line manager to prepare for the discussion; it is therefore to provide some useful prompts for the conversation as follows:

  • Appraiser to: Ask. Listen. Do what matters most
  • Appraisee to: Reflect. Talk. Say what matters to you.

The form is structured to offer 3 areas for reflection:

  • Looking back (past)
  • Focusing on now (present)
  • Thinking about what next (future)

The form also enables a summary of the outcome to be provided.

We understand that these conversations may be sensitive and difficult for some people especially in light of their experiences during Covid-19. There is additional guidance and support included in the Manager and Employee pages on the right hand side of this page.

You may also find the Employee Support and Assistance page helpful, this provides information on internal and national support helplines and websites offering support and advice.