As outlined on the appraisal landing page it has been decided that appraisal conversations can be arranged.

The appraisal conversation will be different this year. It will focus on what matters to you.

It will:

  • enable you to reflect on your experience of the past few months and discuss with your line manager what you may need now and going forward.
  • enable your line manager to check in with you and to gain insights into how the team / department / service / division is working in practice and what might be needed going forward.

It will also provide an opportunity to discuss your personal/professional development if you wish to do so.

What do you need to do next?

  • Your manager will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient date and time to meet
  • If you are working off site or are shielding you may want to mutually agree a virtual discussion but only where you are comfortable with this
  • The appraisal form for 2020 provides useful prompts for you to prepare for your conversation; it’s there to help provide some structure to the discussion
  • The appraisal form also includes information that your manager will be asked to provide when they register the appraisal conversation has occurred
  • You can decide if you want to forward your completed form to your manager in advance, this is entirely your choice
  • During the appraisal conversation: reflect, talk and say what matters to you

Supporting you

Here is a link to the Employee Support and Assistance page –this provides information to a variety of support available at CUH across a range of matters to help you with work/life balance. There is also access to national support helplines and websites offering support and advice.

There is a link on this page to a summary of the Learning Directory (range of courses in CUH) and Development Opportunity Boards (summary of development opportunities specific for a range of job roles). For more detail on available courses and to book please go to DOT.

If you require any information about the changes this year or any support to prepare please contact the Learning and Development team at the Deakin Centre. You can email or ring 01223 257140 (between 08:00 to 16:00) Monday – Friday.

General information about mandatory training and pay progression during 2020-21

  • Mandatory and essential for role training. This does not form part of the appraisal conversation this year but please do make sure you alert your manager if you have any concerns regarding your competence and confidence across the mandatory and essential for role subjects. This can be discussed during 1:1 conversations (check in/catch ups). You are encouraged to complete e-learning and if you are invited to book onto any practical mandatory training that applies to your role please do so. .You can check your training compliance status at any time on DOT.
  • Pay progression during 2020-21. There are very few staff eligible to pay step progression due to the national pay changes. If you are due to receive a pay step progression (formerly known as incremental progression) you will start to receive this on its due date during 2020-2021.


  • Appraisal and Development Conversation formnew form to enable reflective conversation
  • Employee Guide  a guide to help you prepare for and support your appraisal and development conversation
  • Learning Directory PDF – Summary of the training and development available at CUH. To view more detail and to book please go to DOT
  • Development Opportunity boards – These provide a summary of development opportunities available by role and are available on Connect.