Updated 10.01.2022

Staff pool

In order to meet the challenging demands being placed upon us in relation to the pandemic and support our frontline teams, we are creating a staff deployment pool for non-clinical staff. The pool will consist of staff deployed from their current role for all or part of their contracted hours of work, to undertake support roles across CUH. Clinical staff who are unable to work clinically can also be deployed to non-clinical roles if appropriate and we are keen to hear from all staff who are prepared to undertake hours above and beyond their contract for which they will be paid via Staff Bank.

If all other options of mitigation has been reviewed and the request is still current then please follow the details below so that we can open discussions in how we are able to support.

Requesting support from the staff pool

If you require additional non-clinical support in your area or team, please:

  • Discuss with your line manager what support you need.
  • Complete the Role Request form, giving as much detail as possible about the support that you need and any skills or training that deployed staff will need. If you have a job description available, please attach this.
  • Send the completed form to StaffPool@addenbrookes.nhs.uk.

The staff pool team will then review the pool and identify whether there is a suitable member of staff available to fulfil the requirement. If this can be fulfilled through the pool, the team will coordinate deployment with the requester, the existing line manager and the member of staff.

We know that being deployed may be difficult, as staff will be moving to areas in which they perhaps feel less confident and comfortable, but we will ensure each placement takes into account individual circumstances, risk assessments and where required will ensure you are provided with necessary training.

Deployment Support Line – share your experience

Recognising the potential effects of working within a new environment during a pandemic, we offer staff the opportunity to share their experience via the deployment support line where you can raise concerns or request advice in relation to your deployment.

Please email: deploymentsupport@addenbrookes.nhs.uk where a member of the team will respond to you accordingly.