While face to face training and facilitation are paused, we have curated the resources here to support and signpost you to content we believe will help you meet your leadership challenges. The content is from credible and trusted sources such as NHS Employers, Our NHS People, and The King’s Fund 

Our aim is to support you to look after yourself so that you can deliver the best leadership you can in the moment.

Compassionate and Inclusive leadership start with practicing self-compassion and self-care. You may have heard the expression that you can’t pour from an empty vessel. Another analogy that is often quoted is to put your own oxygen mask on first before trying to help someone else. Both these expressions emphasise the importance of looking after our own wellbeing so that we can be a positive role model for others and lead authentically and with integrity, maintaining engagement and motivation.

Resources and current thinking to support leading through covid-19

3 things you can do right now for yourself:

  • Stop and take a couple of slow, deep breaths. Notice if you are carrying tension and where this is. When did you last have a drink of water, a snack, or give your eyes a screen break? If you like to follow mindfulness principles take a tiny pause and notice something that has gone well today.
  • Remember something that has gone well, that you are proud of or that you were praised for. Acknowledge your competence and skill in that situation and remember how that felt.
  • Ask yourself if you are being as effective as you could be right now? Are you focussing your energies on what you can control and being proactive rather than being distracted by what you can’t control?

The King’s Fund – Supporting Leaders through the COVID 19 Outbreak. [Items 3-8] The King’s Fund is publishing short, accessible and practical material including articles and videos to support the leadership community in the health and care sector, and is updating and adding to these regularly. Many of these articles and videos take only 3-4 minutes to read or watch. For a 2 minute introduction to the evolving King’s Fund resources on the COVID-19 outbreak follow the link Supporting Leaders through COVID-19 – an introduction 

Space to Think – A short article reminding us of the power of reflection and of having conversations employing humble enquiry with a list of suggested questions to ask ourselves and others – space-think-coaching-covid19

Making decisions in difficult circumstance – A 3 minute video from a Chief Fire Officer: making-decisions-difficult-circumstances

Managing your energy levels – a quick read: managing-your-energy

Managing anxiety about loss – 3 minute read that reminds us that we’ve ‘lost’ all kinds of things as a result of the pandemic – routine, time together, workspaces etc. and again promotes compassionate listening and care of self and others: Managing-anxiety-about-loss

Navigating your emotions – Shares some of the most common emotions people have been grappling with and considers how acknowledging these feelings can help people regain strength and focus: Acknowledging feelings in a crisis

Is heroic leadership the order of the day? Five short points to bear in mind to address the burden of unrealistic expectations: Do you have to be a hero? 

Our NHS People together with the Centre for Army Leadership at Sandhurst has developed a suite of resources including 10 evidence-based behaviours for leading compassionately and inclusively during the pandemic starting with looking after yourself. Each behaviour has an accompanying short guide also now available via DOT. https://people.nhs.uk/support-for-leaders/. There is also series of short (10-20 minute) guides on a range of current topics to help you manage your own health and wellbeing, while looking after others https://people.nhs.uk/